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Welcome to the Foothills Trading Post!  Owned and operated by Matthew and Dawn Ramsey, we are located on Highway 79 just north of Hermosa, a short 15 miles south of Rapid City.

The Foothills Trading Post is just that-- a trading post. You can probably get what you need here and we are willing to make a deal. We have a Pawn Shop, Auto Sales, Gun Store, and Check Cashing business. 

Phone number…605-255-4777

E-mail address...matt@foothillspawnbroker.com

After Hours…….605-431-9330

We have a very wide selection of both old and new items
2004 Chevy Avalanche
DelTon AR-15s  and Ruger 10-22s
Antiques and Collectables
Household Items, Electronics, Musical,
Gold, Silver, Jewelry
Great Pawn Rates